Cat and the Seagull


Brief: Design and make costumes for an aerial theatre piece for primary school children.

Production: The Cat and the Seagull Who Taught Her to Fly

Role: Costume Designer and Lead Maker

Client: Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

The costume groupings were Seagulls, Cats and Rats and had to be suitable for aerial work and lots of movement.  It was important that the children felt comfortable and confident which was achieved with stretchy soft fabrics.  It was a modest budget and the costume make would not have been possible without the support of volunteers from the 491 Gallery.

The production was by Scarabeus Aerial Theatre at Keys Meadow school in Enfield.  It was  a site specific aerial theatre production staged in various areas of the school including the art laboratory, the school corridor, an outside junk area, and the main hall.

The production is based on Louis Sepulveda’s book The story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly, which enhances the importance of respecting differences, of nurturing ideals, and of course learning to fly!  For more info about Scarabeus check out their website.

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Lift and Soar: Scarabeus Performance Work with Primary School Children from Soren Nielsen on Vimeo.