Event Lighting and Decor


It all began by playing Star Wars backwards on Super-8 film at an illegal rave in Surrey.

Over the next 15 years Edwina used lighting and decor at a huge number of festivals and club nights .  Particular highlights were Psubliminal Psychedelia, The Synergy Project, Power of Dance,  Glade Festival, Sunrise Festival and Kalahari.  Some of the flyers are in the gallery on this page, click to expand the images.

Today, there are some really inspiring things happening out there with projection mapping and wearable electronics.  If you would like to discuss a project, please get in contact.


‘Thanks on behalf of all the Speak crew for working with us to do a room at Synergy and for all the time you spent on the phone and email answering our questions.  It was really inspiring to work with someone harmonising creativity & organisation!”

Louise Donkin, Founder Speak Network


“The lovely Edwina’s amazing lights had the whole place flickering with rainbows.  Why more promoters don’t use her services is a profound mystery.”

Review published in Dream Creation magazine of the Psubliminal Psychedelia party at Tyssen Street Studios 10th Aug 96