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Brief: To design & make parade props to represent the United Arab Emirates at Milan Expo.  To provide and manage onsite crew in Milan.

Event: UAE Day at Milan Expo.

Role: Project Manager (budget setting & management, scheduling, logistics, contracts, recruitment, client liaison, health & safety), Structural Maker.

Client:  Kinetika Design Studio

The parade had four main themes celebrating the UAE that were translated on to a series of  silk structures: Desert, Oasis, Marine and Modern Dubai.

With less than 6 weeks between commissioning and the event in Milan it was a tight turn around to manage.  Designs were discussed with the client in Dubai over email and Skype and once approved, immediately put into production.

To keep the delivery time frame achievable the amount of structural elements were kept to a minimum, which also made shipping easier.  However it was necessary to add structure and control rods to the leaves and waves.  This allowed the silk to keep the correct shape and make them move predictably during the performance.

All parade items were designed to pack down to fit on international courier transport, instead of regular freight, due to the turn around time.

In total there were 44 parade items for over 50 performers and it was fun working with EventLab in Milan to contribute to the success of the parade in front of 250,000 spectators.


Leaf Banners in rehearsal.

Leaf Banners in rehearsal.

Sea Banners in rehearsal.

Sea Banners in rehearsal.