Paralympics Closing Ceremony

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  • To make 22 wheeled vehicles powered by electric or pedal-power.
  • To make 8 of these to have detachable animals that could be flown with performers.
  • To  recruit and manage performers for non aerial vehicles.

Event: Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London UK

Role: Project Manager (budget management, scheduling, contracts, recruitment,  health & safety, logistics).

Client: Kinetika Design Studio

Working with Kinetika artists Mike Pattison, Ali Pretty and Tony Mason, a number of creatures, towers and bikes were delivered to the brief set by the ceremonies team.  The 3 tall character towers, giant trike and 2 ‘tripod-dandelions’ were electric-drive, and everything else was pedal powered.  Since the rehearsals were in a giant car park in Dagenham, recharging the batteries could sometimes be an issue, so the pedal-powered items were a bonus in that situation.  Weight and air-flow had to be considered in the design of the items to be flown, so the construction was made from wire shapes covered with fabric over a steel frame.

If you wish to hire any of these items, please get in touch with Kinetika.  Due to their bespoke nature they can’t be provided dry-hire, but Kinetika can provide a techniciam.

Date: June- August 2012