Vintage Car Seat Covers


Brief: Austin 7 Opal Tourer temporary seat covers.

Event: Wedding May 2017

Role:  Maker

Client:  Private client

These were temporary seat covers designed to come off after the event.  Usually upholstery gets pulled tight and stapled to the chair frame, but as they were designed to be removed, I couldn’t do that.  Instead, I used corset lacing to pull the covers tight to get the correct fit.

As I had to leave the covers on underneath, I could only use 3mm scrim foam on the fluted pieces or the covers would not have gone on at all.  They did need a bit of persuasion,  but I borrowed a handy shoe horn as an anti-friction device.

The photos show the seats before I covered them (in black), then the finished items in cream with burgundy trim.  They also show part of the patterning process, and how the covers were laced on underneath the seat.